Project Management

View or manage projects on header-logo-blue


For Volunteers

  • An invitation from your Project Coordinator on Trello or via email to join a board (project)
  • Project coordinators to assign cards(tasks) and/or set deadlines
  • Volunteers can move cards from ‘todo’ to ‘done’ lists
  • Volunteers can nominate themselves to a task and update as appropriate

For Project Coordinators

  • An invitation will be sent from the president/secretary to join the organisation (club)
  • Expected to create a board(project) under the organisation as well as cards(tasks) for the board
  • Send invitations to new project members
  • Can track progress of individual tasks

For Exec Members

  • Can invite Project Coordinators to the organisation(club) and board(project)
  • Can track progress of boards(projects) and individual cards(tasks)
  • Can update details about the organisation
  • Can be a Project Coordinator and create boards(projects)